Sun-Thurs: 11am to 10pm | Fri-Sat: 11am to 11pm

What is the maximum number of guests Pomodoro's can accomodate?

Our “Party Room” can seat 40 guests. The main dining room and bar area tables will seat 100. An additional 12 guests can be served dinner at the bar. In total, we can seat 140-150.

Is there a room rental fee if we want to reserve an entire room?

There is no room rental fee provided the required minimum charges are met. If they are not, the shortage is added to the final bill as “room rental”. Example: The minimum food and beverage charge is $350.00. The final food and beverage bill is $300.00.

What are the minimum charges?

Minimum charges vary with time of day, day of week, anticipated holiday trends and area reserved. The minimum charge for your event may be higher or lower than outlined below, please confirm by contacting Blake Dewey.

What counts toward the "minimum charge"?

The minimum charge includes all beverages and foods purchased. It does not include rental equipment, taxes or gratuities.

What is the tax and gratuity charge?

Local and state taxes are 6.75%, gratuity is 20%; both will be added to the final bill

Are there any other charges?

Our pricing includes everything you and your guests will need for an enjoyable event. The only exception to this would be the cost for specialty items requested by the host such as specific color linens, etc.

How do I know my event is confirmed?

All events will have a written agreement sent to you with all details and costs. Your acceptance of the agreement will be your non-refundable, partial pre-payment of 50% of the anticipated final bill. That payment may be made with cash, check or credit card. The balance of the bill is due at the conclusion of the event.

Can the check be split for individual guest payment?

Split checks can be arranged for parties of up to 25 guests. Please be aware that individual checks take significant additional time to create. As well, credit card payment of each check can take over a minute to process. It would not be unexpected for 25 checks to take up to one half hour to process. If you choose this option please be sure you and your guests allow for the extra time needed at the end of their meal. Please speak with Blake Dewey for more information and alternative suggestions for this type of payment arrangement.

How far in advance do I need to book/confirm my party?

The further in advance the better! If you are looking for a weekend in December, you should be booking before the end of October to ensure you get the date and time you want.